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Fixed Wing UAV Versus Rotary Wing UAV

As the latest and most advanced types of remote controlled aircraft, they are definitely a sight to behold. With this in mind, all of us are looking forward to flying one of these magnificent machines into the skies and taking it for a ride. Now we must also know which type of UAV to choose from the many that are available in the market.

Fixed Wing UAV Versus Rotary Wing UAV

The number one in line for these machines is definitely the fixed wing UAV. These allow a great deal of flexibility in operations and flight techniques. However, since the pilot is always involved in the aircraft's operations, the pilot is normally in charge of the crew, maintenance, and generally decisions on the overall performance of the machine. Therefore, it is crucial that we choose one with adequate training.

Those who are looking for a faster and more aggressive approach can go for the Rotary Wing UAV. These craft are equipped with high performance and incredible agility. This is why they are generally not well-liked by most pilots.

Additionally, these devices have some very important military capabilities, such as extended range and stealth capabilities. This is why they are well-suited for some very demanding missions.

However, since the aircraft and pilot are separate entities, the overall performance of the craft is going to be affected. In order to ensure that the performance of the machine will remain in check, the person in charge of the UAV needs to train for it.

On top of the training course, there should be an operator certification course as well. This is so that the operator has at least a basic understanding of the procedures and techniques necessary to operate the craft.

Just because it has amazing capabilities does not mean that it can only be used for high performance applications. Since the UAVs have a much greater range, the user can still use it for regular operations that are not quite as dangerous or challenging as those involving the fixed wing.

If you want to get the most out of your UAV, then you need to train for it. When you go through the training course, you can be sure that you are doing the best thing for yourself and for the aircraft that you are flying.

When compared to the fixed wing, the rotary wing offers a superior performance, although it is much heavier and cannot go as fast. Therefore, when you choose to fly this type of UAV, make sure that you are not only keeping within its limitations but also surpassing them.

Since the training course is for the operator, you do not need to worry about the machine. Since it is installed on a specially designed frame, the control sticks and other instruments are all there for you to work with, so you will not need any professional advice when you are learning to operate the machine.

Another thing that you will need to consider is that you should buy an armillary sphere so that you can track the movements of the UAV. While you will be able to send some of your flight data to the control station, it is best that you use a real time system like an ARM or RTH to be able to monitor the performance of the craft.

So, if you are looking for a general purpose remote control aircraft, then you can certainly opt for the fixed wing drone. As you go through the training course, you will be able to make your UAV perform even better.


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